Jan Brouckaert Photography

By Jan Brouckaert

What started out in 2003 as a small collection of images titled ‘Poles Apart’ is now one of my major collection of images.

As I was born by the sea and lived there for more than 20 Years, the sea and its surroundings always held a particular attraction for me.

The calming effect of the tides, the beaches, that bit of nature that remains between the water and our 'built' society creates provides a calm relief from our busy lives, a moment for reflection. By photographing them I want to provide a way to capture this feeling and bring it home.

This image is part of the 'Seascapes series' that has been rewarded with the Bronze award in Knokke and the Nikon Award.

The pictures were taken on the coasts of France, Holland and Belgium.

The complete collection has been published in a book under the title 'Seascapes'

Click on the book icon to see a preview of the book.