Jan Brouckaert Photography

For photographers, the present world is nowadays only a start of the creation process. Working with colour gives you endless possibilities, but it also raises a popular debate about the truth and the way an image can be considered a fact, a moment that actually existed. Especially photojournalism suffers from the technical possibilities of altering images as we may also then easily amend the truth.

For an artist, however, this discussion is different and it opens a broad range of possibilities to demonstrate our vision of the world.

Personally, I do not often alter my photos dramatically because I tend to believe that an image should represent reality as my eyes have witnessed it. However, colour and accidental details may be worth altering, such us improving the sky or erasing a dustbin or a road sign.

These modifications are all for the benefit of the image; I trust the simple alterations make the photo stronger and remove the clutter while encouraging the focus on elements which have true value.

The collection above is an extract of the many colour images I have taken during the years.

This is a never ending collection and new images will be added gradually.